El Salvador: February 2015


About El Salvador
El Salvador is located in Central America, bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and Honduras. It is the smallest and most densely populated of the Central American countries. Two volcanic chains run down its center, rising from fertile plateaus that otherwise characterize the countryside.

The country’s climate is tropical; with a rainy season (May to October) and dry season (November to April). It is tropical on the coast; temperate in uplands. Daytime temperatures vary little, reaching around 86 degrees F in November and 93 degrees F in March and April.

About Habitat for Humanity El Salvador
Since 1992, Habitat for Humanity El Salvador has provided more than 10,300 housing solutions, providing simple, decent and affordable shelter for more than 51,500 Salvadorians. HFH El Salvador works with the central office in San Salvador and seven regional’s offices in San Miguel, Santa Ana, Sonsonate, Usulutan, La Paz, San Vicente and San Salvador.

The earthquake-resistant houses are made of concrete blocks and structural steel reinforcement. The roofs are made of fiber-cement sheeting, and the floors of cement brick. They have two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a latrine or toilet. Windows are shutter type, protected by steel bars in order to provide adequate lighting, ventilation and security.

Program cost

This cost includes a significant donation to Habitat for Humanity, and it covers the volunteer’s accommodations, meals, in-country transportation and travel medical insurance. Read details.

You may fundraise the program cost, pay it all, or pay some yourself and fundraise the rest. With our help, fundraising with social media and email will be easy. We hope that you will set a goal above program cost. That additional donation will keep Habitat building after your team returns home. Joining this team can be your first step in making El Salvador a better place to live.


  • Day 1, Saturday: Arrive at San Salvador airport, where Habitat for Humanity staff welcomes you. Meet your team over dinner.
  • Day 2, Sunday: Travel to host site, where Habitat staff will introduce you to our work in El Salvador.
  • Days 3-7, Monday-Friday: Build on-site, with free time and team activities in the evenings.
  • Day 8, Saturday: Travel to the Pacific Coast. Spend time on the beach and enjoy your team’s last dinner together.
  • Day 9, Sunday: Depart for home, or independently continue your journey in Central America.

HFH El Salvador will choose the team’s lodging taking into consideration our group’s size. Teams usually stay in basic, safe hotels, with team members staying two to four people per room.

Breakfast and dinner will likely be served at the hotel or nearby restaurant. Lunch will be eaten at the work site, where snacks and water will also be provided. You’ll also have a chance to try pupusas, a typical Salvadoran dish.

Tasks on the work site
Volunteers may work in all stages of construction, from digging foundations to painting the houses. Regardless of what stage the house is in when the team arrives, responsibilities will likely include carrying bricks, mixing cement, compacting dirt and moving materials.

Contact this team’s leader
Have questions? Ready to join the team? Jess Wilson will lead this team in the field and would love to speak with you.

Jess’s favorite GV memory: “In Ethiopia, my team worked in Bisidimo, a community affected by leprosy. Getting to sit and talk to the families about their experiences of isolation and abandonment because of leprosy was humbling; hearing how excited they were for better housing—which would mean a much better future for their children—was absolutely inspiring.”


One thought on “El Salvador: February 2015

  1. Prossy

    Dear Jessica & colleagues thank you so much for helping God’s people. May the good Lord bless you and reward you abundantly.

    Be blessed.


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