Logistics: Flights, Visas, Scheduling


Make sure you have sent in your itinerary- if you are arriving on Saturday, Habitat Ethiopia will pick you up at the airport- look for someone holding a Habitat sign! Those who are arriving early will also be picked up by someone holding a Habitat sign, if you have arranged that with me. I will send out final confirmations of all arrival logistics before our trip. For safety purposes, I do not publish our schedules online. If you are arriving early, please plan to be at our hotel by 5pm on Saturday so that you can get checked-in and settled prior to our first team dinner.

When flying into El Salvador, you will receive Immigration and Customs forms. The Immigration form will ask for the reason for your visit, and you should indicate tourism. You will also need to give an address in El Salvador- I will send you that information by email.

When you get off the plane, you will follow signs towards Immigration and baggage pickup. At Immigration you will have to buy a Salvadoran Visa- the costs is US$10, so be sure to have a $10 bill with you!

Once through Immigration, pick up your luggage and head to Customs (Aduana). You will go through the “Nothing to Declare” inspection. You will be asked to push a button just before you go through that gate, which will light up the “stoplight.” If the light is green, you pass without inspection; if it is red, you will be asked to open your bags. As you leave the Customs area, be prepared for big crowds as entire families generally arrive to greet their relatives. A Habitat El Salvador staff or driver will be waiting for you while holding a sign with a Habitat logo, or wearing the Habitat El Salvador logo on their clothes. I will send you contact numbers to call in case you cannot find your driver.


When traveling to El Salvador, you can get a visa on arrival, at the airport- just bring $10. No need to do anything in advance.

Work Schedule

Monday-Friday: Breakfast will be eaten at at the hotel, and we’ll leave at 7:30 for the building site. We’ll work in the morning, break for lunch, and then work again in the afternoon. After work we’ll head back to our accommodations to shower and have a team meeting before dinner. ​On Friday, we’ll have a closing ceremony with the families and staff- if you’ve never been on a GV build (or a GV build with a closing ceremony)- they’re a really fun way to celebrate the family being on their way to a new home!


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