Habitat Fiji

Below you’ll find a welcome letter from Habitat Fiji, and some information about our specific project.


Welcome to Fiji and thank you for choosing to volunteer with us at Habitat for Humanity Fiji. Bula is a multi-purpose Fijian word and has a variety of meanings, depending on the situation in which it is used. Literally it means ‘life’ and is most commonly used as a greeting, like ‘hello’. It is a warm and friendly word and you will hear it a lot while you are in Fiji.

We hope that your time in Fiji will be a life-changing experience for you, leaving you with lasting friendships and a longing to return to Fiji.

As a GV volunteer to Fiji, you will have the unique opportunity of being part of the very few GV volunteers in the world that decide to volunteer in the South Pacific island nations. Fiji is the only small island state in the South pacific region that Habitat for Humanity is currently in. This alone make you a very unique volunteer.

Habitat for Humanity’s global strategy to reduce poverty housing is based on a solid foundation of volunteerism. Tens of thousands of families around the world have found dignity and hope through the selfless contributions of volunteers like you.

Since it started, Habitat for Humanity Fiji has enjoyed a close relationship with volunteers from many countries around the world, who have come as teams, as families and as individuals. We look forward to getting to know you more when you visit us.

Masi Latianara
National Director
Habitat for Humanity Fiji


Habitat Fiji and our project:

Habitat for Humanity started working in Fiji in 1991. Since then, Habitat has helped over 1,000 families to build homes and hope through partnerships with governments, corporations, non-profit organizations and international volunteers. Habitat’s work goes beyond construction of homes. Habitat for Humanity Fiji works on a range of projects throughout the country including disaster prevention and recovery, water and sanitation, and disabled access housing projects.

Our project in Fiji focuses on building “transitional shelters”- please see the schematic of the building schedule (but do keep in mind that we may not follow this exactly- it depends on how many structures we are working on):

Fiji transitional shelter

Previous teams working on transitional shelters:

Previous teams